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Carguard Payment Protection

In these uncertain times, control what you can. We’ll take care of the rest.
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Payment Protection

You can’t always predict an emergency situation and the aftermath that occurs. Job layoffs can cause an immense amount of stress for you and your family when bills keep adding up but your income doesn’t. Our Worry Free Loan Assistance Program is here to help. Along your journey, you may experience involuntary job loss due to extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, health epidemics and many other circumstances. Worry Free will be there to provide vehicle loan assistance to help keep you on track and alleviate financial burden.

Coverage Options

If you are employed full time and experience involuntary unemployment due to many circumstances out of your control, the Worry Free Loan Assistance program will make payments to the lender on your behalf featuring the following benefits:

Up to 3 Loan Payments

• Up to $600 per payment


• Up to $3,500 Turn-in Allowance

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